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Our Fees



Fully Bulkbilled (no gap) for those with valid Medicare cards

Fees for private patients:

Consultation (less than 20 min)                                       $75

Consultation (20 to 40 min)                                             $105

Consultation (40 plus min)                                               $140


Medicare Fee Reduction Applies For Some Patients

Full Fees:

1st Visit: 100


Medicare Fee Reduction Applies for Some Patients
Full Fees:
1st Visit: $160


Medicare Refunds Exist For Some Patients
Full Fees:
Implanon Insertion: $100
Implanon Removal: $150
IUD Insertion: $250
IUD Removal: $100


Fees vary dramatically by patient and a consultation is necessary to determine the work required and hence the fee.

Medicare does not cover any portion of cosmetic procedures.

Xeomin (Botox): $10 per unit

Dermal Filler: $440 per mL

Silhouette (Threading): $550

Mole Removal: Patient Dependant